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of the tracking some similarities. the crater left was caused by the gasoline explosion in san bruno. the crater on the rate was left by the gas explosion in new mexico in 2000. the federal investigators ruled that the cause of the list of headline ruptured was internal corrosion which can be seen in this picture. and that caused a significant reduction in the pipes sickness. the crush was a combination of microbes in lecture. according to the san francisco chronicles pg&e told state regulators last year that they were concerned about corrosion in a section of pipe that ruptured in san bruno. a pg&e spokesperson said microbial and groschen is rare and utility just made seven repairs for that type of corrosion in the past five years. one of the findings by federal investigators and the arizona blast was that the gas company failed to prevent or detect internal corrosion in the pipe and that a major safety
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issue with the inadequacy of the gas company's internal corrosion testing. i spoke to federal investigators today and they said while they're looking into these microbes as a factor for the blast they're not ruling out any other possibilities which could of caused the blast. their crews on seen in san bruno cleaning up right now we want to show you right now is they're taking care of some of the homes it does won if that are damaged. do you can see how the heat from the blast rocked the mill to the glass onto the driveway. you can even move it. we can also show you the heavy equipment that was brought in to clean up more of the debris. it some of these 37 homes that were destroyed and many of the cars which are still left sitting on the street. across crews are up here there sprang the streets with water and heavy equipment out here moving a lot of the debris and the turnaround. kron 4 rob the laudable took a tour
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of the site that is being cleaned up today. >> and we have some new pictures to show you tonight of the demolition in cleanup underway in the blast zone. one at is time what's left of the homes of claremont drives are being live raised. if the breakdown of the concrete foundation even some of the chair beneath homes is being removed. crews are using fire hoses to what down the debris and a earthmovers loaded into a plastic liner trucks for disposal. the process it is expected to take about a month and the crews will work six days a week. bob weather on the way they act to be a good thing. >> it has a positive impact usual with a hot weather in san bruno we see a lot less winds in the afternoon so that means my crews will be able to work a little bit longer days. crews also started removing all those for new cars to see some of the work going on here. if there is also burned out trucks all of
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that thing down the section as well. a memorial service is under way for three people who died in the san bruno lost. if the remains of 17 year-old william bliss his father gregory and his grandmother love on his pictures you see here were positively identified earlier this week. dahlin is live in over a where the service started about an hour ago. >> a somber mood at the church right behind me hundreds of people coming out here to remember the three members of the bolas family from three different generations. this is the first presbyterian church here looking at the church can tell you is packed inside and tow the boat for 500 people are inside right now so they have people sitting upside as well. if they have chairs and speakers of their supposed to listen to what's going on inside this you all service officially started about an hour ago at the 4:00 and for the speakers i heard the eulogies talking about live on who is 85 years olds that she is a caring
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11 per cent she is a retired nurse. her son gregory was also killed in the explosion is 50 years old and that the military was out here to give him full honors use in the navy. and lastly also here to remember william was 17 years old i talked to one of his more summer school teachers and she said that she wants to come out here to remember the william and say goodbye. a lot of family and friends and strangers coming out here to say farewell to these family members and in fact the place is so packed the parking lot right behind me of this church is jam packed the cops even close down the streets there. the raw live from burlingame i'm donna lynn kron 4 news. >> new details tonight on the scheduled execution of san quentin next week. today in federal court judge cleared the
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way for california's first execution since january of 2006. if kron 4 dan has been covering
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there are two possible options think about this execution which is tuesday night and wednesday morning on hold. >> why is brown the first to be executed as we talked about in the past. michael morales was one of the last person scheduled to die before this moratorium went into place. >> i was at san quentin one morales was supposed to be executed. the death warrants is only good for 24-hour period. you keep asking for to in this case the role those death row inmates and the only county it's up to each specific county judge to put the board at the death of warning. it's not sam quit and
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it's the county where the person was convicted. in this case with greenwood brownback county has put forth and selected the date for his execution carried in the county were michael morales was hasn't done that yet. he still awaits. he still waits on death row until santa clara county comes through puts for. if the judge today suspended criminal proceeding against a man of kidnapping and raping j.c. to guard. the superior court judge said he has concerns about this man to look corrido mental competency to stand trial on 29 counts in the 1991 disappearance of j.c. to guard. credo in his wife nancy are accused of holding her captive in a backyard with tents and sheds for nearly two decades until they were arrested in august of 2009. another hearing is set for him for october the eighth.
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monthly temperatures widespread in the '80s 92 santa rosa, 90 fairfield otherwise a upper 80s in our inland spots and a shores. '70s close to the coastline still on the wild side there. were clear of side plenty of sunshine will stay clear and warm mild overnight temperatures will cool much and into tomorrow afternoon even more the will or seeing today near triple digits. we'll talk more about the war we can't forecast coming up a bit. is it with us will be right back. i have three kids in the local t-ball league,
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details in the investigation of sexual assault of the park regency complex in walnut creek. if this is video of the apartment detectives have been interviewing residents and at nearby apartment. many of the people i talk to have said they seen a person going door-to-door selling carpet cleaning
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services. roof of a person is described as a white male, 6 ft. tall with a full beard and that is a similar description to the suspect in the assault earlier this month. authorities are stepping up police patrols that stand as a city college that's in the wake of to a tax of students on campus in the past two weeks. kron 4 shows us where the assaults took place and who was already think may have done it. >> campus police only had one police patrolling starting at 7:00 a.m. leaving the off hours on watch. after two assaults that have students feeling unsafe. >> a heavily classes' to run scared of walking and night. hopefully they do something with the security around here. >> that's about to change more patrols are coming monday. >> we are expanding hours of coverage and increasing the patrols were bringing in additional part-time in overtime officers. so were on high alert at this time. the >> this is in wake of a rape and
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to the science building in this parking lot around 6:00 a.m. september 13th a woman has been was forced to work or if this man described as african- american or latino 60: to hundred 50 lbs.. another suit was accosted while climbing up the stairs and pushed against the wall is a man described as white and latino 6 ft. tall and to enter pounds. the woman got away the authorities believe the two cases are not connected. the police believe transits in the area may be to blame each took place on the edge of the campus the rate close to pass the road and the ground attack just a few yards away from more park. >> a look at our extended forecast the warm weather will continue into the weekend and next week with a triple digits on tap. all the details on the heat wave coming up right
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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you inhale, they inhale. failure as mayor. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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just as when she is jailed earlier she will be captain in the history of segregation away from other people because of for celebrity status. >> nancy pelosi may have congress vote next week on
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extending middle-class tax cuts. president barack obama has been pushing for the vote by the end of the year however democrats are divided on whether to wait until after the november election republicans want to extend all the tax cuts for every income level both are set to expire in january. in florida, authorities from the federal government looking for three bank robbers suspected of holding a bank teller and his father hostage. this is the scene earlier today have said the bank of america near the university of miami. the robbers broke into the tellers home this morning the suspect then strapped an apparent explosive device earlier and he used him to rob the bank where he works. if the three suspects escaped with an unknown amount of money the teller was left at the bank on harmed. another man is speaking out against a well- known atlantic pastor at the long trip to the fourth manned the number of bishops church said long course him into a sexual relationship when he was a teenager. in a lawsuit
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against the pastor the man alleges sexual activity started in 2005 and lasted until 2009. three other young men singalong with 17 and 18 years old. and also a member of the church when they say long abused his authorities to seduce them as well. >> committees in minnesota and wisconsin are dealing with flooding after storms dumped 6 in. of rain a look of these people frantically trying to scoop water away from their home. it's a futile effort all this water pushing in purity see this guy being escorted away on a golf course. and then a wide shot shows neighborhood after neighborhood under water. but it was cops in this is the park under water today not a rushing river this is a park people here say they haven't seen flooding like this in 20 years. >> live look at cited traffic this is in san jose the headlights' are southbound in boy things have really backed up there. northbound traffic on the left side of your screen is
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volunteers will be on the beaches tomorrow to pick up trash and debris as part of the 26 annual coastal cleanup day. more than 260,000 lbs. of trash was cleared from last year and organizers expect to pick even more this year. stanley roberts went to see how bad the problem is in today's edition of people behaving badly. >> the bay area has some of the most beautiful views just as long as you don't look down. this is the bicycle sitting at the water at what park in berkeley. according to save the bay water park is one the dirtiest water weighs in the bay and i can see why. on this rock is the use diaper that someone tossed in the water there are
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also plastic bags and tennis balls floating around. this is jimmy is our regular at aquatic park he said the park is so dirty that many people simply avoid the park throw trash on top and under the water things like this tired not just one here's another. even in areas not listed as the dirtiest have trash and debris does anyone know what this big deal looking thing is i found it at berkeley pier and overacted shore park this plastic bag floating in the water. this area is known as strawberry creek this is where some of the runoff from the city of berkeley and sought. this one of includes juice packaging and other forms of trash. i would love to enjoy some of these grade use what are looking up or down. to find out how you can help keep these areas clean i placed a link to save the day on my people behaving page on
5:27 pm in berkeley stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> >> more trash to show you the part of public works is offering of $500 reward for information about the person or people who dumped all of this stuff in san francisco's bayview neighborhood all of these banks there's more than a dozen here they're filled with toxic grouping material. there's another shot from a different and go you can see what a mess this is the bags were ditched on egberts street overnight thursday they have been cleaned up but authorities are still trying to figure out who left them here. >> a live look inside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco not a cloud incited sunny and warm but it's going to get warmer this weekend. details coming up and a full forecast get warmer this weekend. details coming up and a full forecast the news at 530 is next. re talt massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary.
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